Episode 48: Stickers in My Bible


By now, almost every Christian woman is aware of the latest fad of Bible Art Journaling. Can taping stickers in my Bible and doodling in the margins really draw us closer to God? Or is this merely one more way that the whims of the world have crept into the visible church?

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One thought on “Episode 48: Stickers in My Bible

  1. You had me at “washi tape on the scrolls.” Thank you for continually speaking truth while maintaining a sense of humor. I have had the same experience of going back to a verse in my Bible and being distracted by notes that I had previously written. More than once I have asked myself, “Why did I do that?”

    It is sad to see the attempt to dumb down God’s Word. The Bible truly does stand alone and does not need anything from us! I agree that it points to a lost sense of reverence and awe toward our holy God and to making us the center of everything. Thank you for your honest critique and always pointing us to Christ.

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