All in Podcast

Episode 97: How to Get Home

Death and dying are unpleasant subjects, but are realities nonetheless. Still, this world is not our final destination and our death will usher us into our final home. And since all of us will experience death one day—first perhaps the death of loved ones and ultimately our own death—it’s important for us to know how to get home.

Episode 96: Faithfulness in the Little Things

The whole of our lives is a witness and a testimony to the Christ we claim to serve. If Christ was faithful even in the mundane things of life, shouldn’t we strive for this as well? Listen in, ladies, as Erin considers what it means for us to be faithful in the little things.

Episode 93: Pondering Peter (Part 1)

Oh, Peter. Many of us find it easy to identify with this imperfect apostle. He was impetuous, among other things, and often spoke first and thought later. Yet the Lord loved Peter and used him mightily for His kingdom. Let’s open our Bibles, ladies, and take some time to ponder Peter. 

Episode 92: A Little Leaven

The Bible uses leaven as a picture of both good and bad influence. In Matthew 13 and Luke 13, Jesus uses the parable of the leaven to describe the nature of the Kingdom of God. Though the origins of God’s kingdom on earth may seem small and insignificant, there’s no denying that its power has transformed the world. In this episode, Erin discusses some implications of this impact.

Episode 91: Behold the Lamb!

With this week being the annual celebration of Christ’s death and resurrection, it seemed appropriate for us to focus this episode on one of the greatest statements in the New Testament:

The next day he saw Jesus coming toward him, and said, “Behold, the Lamb of God, who takes away the sin of the world! (John 1:29)

Listen in as we discuss the great truth that our Good Shepherd is also the Lamb of God.

Episode 90: The Good Shepherd

Jesus is the Good Shepherd. Is there any picture more comforting? In this episode of Equipping Eve, we’ll open our Bibles and see exactly what Jesus meant by this great “I Am” statement, and in the process, we’ll see exactly what a good shepherd looks like.

Episode 89: Back to the Future

Do you know Joan Broughton? Let’s travel back in time and consider this sister from the past who gave her life for Christ. Persecution might look different for most of us today, but it does still exist in various forms. What encouragement can we draw from the Word in the face of persecution?

Episode 88: They Had Been With Jesus

In Acts 4:13, we are told of Peter and John that it was clear “they had been with Jesus.” Is this true of us? Is this true of those from whom we are learning? What did Jesus look like, and what implications does this have on our lives?

Episode 86: Biblical Womanhood

Erin tends to cringe when she hears the phrase “biblical womanhood.” That’s because so many of the sermons, studies, and books with this theme seem to lead to checklists and a works-based mentality. When talking about biblical womanhood—or manhood, for that matter—we must start with a proper a foundation. Otherwise, our concept of biblical womanhood will be dangerously skewed.

Episode 85: Joy to the World

It's Christmastime, which means we’re celebrating the first advent of Christ. But the fact that there’s a “first” advent implies a second, and that event—the second coming of Christ—is something all Christians should be eagerly anticipating!

Episode 82: Not Seen, But Loved

Remember “Doubting Thomas,” who insisted on seeing the resurrected Christ before believing that He was alive? When Jesus appeared to Thomas, He said to him, “Blessed are they who did not see, and yet believed.” We love Christ even though we haven’t seen Him, but we can still know what He looks like by studying His marvelous attributes as found in the Bible. Join Erin for an all-too-quick glimpse at who our Savior really is.