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Episode 82: Not Seen, But Loved

Remember “Doubting Thomas,” who insisted on seeing the resurrected Christ before believing that He was alive? When Jesus appeared to Thomas, He said to him, “Blessed are they who did not see, and yet believed.” We love Christ even though we haven’t seen Him, but we can still know what He looks like by studying His marvelous attributes as found in the Bible. Join Erin for an all-too-quick glimpse at who our Savior really is.

Episode 79: The Fruit of God's Faithfulness

God is faithful. It’s easy for us to give lip service to this, because we intellectually know it to be true, but sometimes it helps to reflect on real, living examples of how God has exercised His faithfulness to His people. That’s when our Lord stops being an unreachable entity in the sky, and starts being the personal Shepherd that He is.

Episode 20: Thou Changest Not

A.W. Pink has said, "The attributes of God can no more change than Deity can cease to be." This reality—the immutability of God—ought to bring great comfort to us as Christians. Ladies, our lives are constantly in flux, but our God is the same yesterday, and today, and forever.

Episode 15: Checkmate

Some say that God and Satan are engaged in a type of cosmic chess match, with each one waiting for the other to make his next move. From our human perspective, it may seem this way at times, but how does this account for God's sovereignty?

We all face times of despair and trial, and it's easy in those times to dwell on our situation and ourselves. But how can we turn our self-pity into praise? In this episode of Equipping Eve, Erin turns to Psalm 13 and calls ladies to focus upon the lovingkindness of the great God of the universe. Plus: Let's go shopping!