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Episode 32: You Choose, God Changes? (Part 2)

The church sign: who would have thought it was possible to cram so much bad theology into such a small space! One church sign recently caught Erin's eye and read, "You make the choice, God makes the change!" But what does the Bible say? Join Erin for part 2 of this discussion as we examine the implications of God's sovereignty in salvation on evangelism.

Episode 19: Expect the World to Act Like the World

Christians should not be surprised by the legalization of homosexual marriage in America, but how should they respond? Is this a time to call for political activism and to find oneself in despair, or is there a more biblical response to a society that continues to increase in its hostility to the things of God?

Episode 15: Checkmate

Some say that God and Satan are engaged in a type of cosmic chess match, with each one waiting for the other to make his next move. From our human perspective, it may seem this way at times, but how does this account for God's sovereignty?