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Episode 72: Unshakeable Joy

“Consider it all joy.” “Rejoice in the Lord always.” The Christian life is a serious thing, and we are not promised lives of ease. Yet, Scripture calls us to rejoice in all circumstances, and when one considers the blessings that are ours in Jesus Christ, why would we not?

Episode 71: God Never Promised Us a Rose Garden

Contrary to what the Word of Faith preachers would have us believe, we are not promised lives of luxury as Christians. In fact, Scripture promises us quite the opposite. Scripture also promises us that God will strengthen us in our trials, sustain us in times of persecution, and grant us joy in all circumstances. God never promised us a rose garden, but we can still enjoy the fragrance of His grace and blessing in all things.

Episode 67: Reformation Women

Luther, Calvin, Zwingli. Without these men and many others, there would not have been a Protestant Reformation. We owe them a tremendous debt of gratitude. But the Reformation was not only impacted by men. What about the women behind those men? What about those women who were wives or sisters of the Reformers and who influenced the movement, not just by being faithful to the calling of wife or mother, but by demonstrating faithfulness through the pen and through their bold, public courage in the face of persecution? In this episode, we will meet some of these sisters in the faith from whom we can learn so much.

Episode 65: Reformation Reversal (Part 2)

A recent Pew survey reveals that many professing protestants do not actually know or understand what they believe. 2017 marks the 500th anniversary of the Protestant Reformation, but is it possible that there has been a steady reversal of the reformation over the years? In this episode, we’ll continue our discussion from last time, emphasizing the need for Christians to know what they believe by knowing what God has said in His Word.

Episode 62: Bell's Broken Bible

The Bible is God’s Word, and when we don’t treat it as such, we naturally end up with a low, skewed view of God and Christ. In this episode, we’ll discuss the latest from author and teacher Rob Bell, a prominent “Scripture twister,” and see how his views of God’s Word align with the views of its Author.

Episode 50: More Sad Church Signs

It's unlikely that anyone actually gleans their theology from a church sign. Church signs are notoriously cheesy and oftentimes the churches that display them are theologically unsound. Erin drives by lots of church signs everyday, and finally realized that they can make a great teaching tool—of what not to believe, think, or teach. Open your Bible as we seek to debunk more sad church signs.

Episode 41: Making Abortion Convenient

It’s not often that Erin climbs on the abortion soapbox, but in this episode she discusses some recent advances in telemedicine that are making abortion drugs more accessible to patients. Open up the Bible and be reminded that God is the Author of life, and that life begins at conception.

Episode 39: Church As Experience

Many churches today have ceased referring to their Sunday service as a worship service and instead call their weekend gathering a “worship experience.” This is a classic display of the narcissism that is running rampant in the visible church today as suddenly the gathering together of believers becomes all about them and what they can experience while the true purpose of church—worshiping God—is left by the wayside.

Episode 37: Healing Photos

A recent article in Christianity Today discusses the alleged “healing” nature of boudoir photography. In this episode of Equipping Eve, we’ll see what God’s Word has to say about this disturbing new trend.

Episode 36: Selfie Righteousness

Narcissism is rampant in the world today. Unfortunately, it’s also prevalent in the visible church, and that is true of more than simply celebrity pastors and seeker-sensitive churches. Ladies, let’s examine ourselves. Let’s examine our social media pages. Are we engaging in selfie righteousness?