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Episode 39: Church As Experience

Many churches today have ceased referring to their Sunday service as a worship service and instead call their weekend gathering a “worship experience.” This is a classic display of the narcissism that is running rampant in the visible church today as suddenly the gathering together of believers becomes all about them and what they can experience while the true purpose of church—worshiping God—is left by the wayside.

Episode 18: True Worship

Have you ever heard someone say something like, "You should visit our church, the worship is amazing!"? Usually when we hear this, the person is referring to the music and worship team, but is this the true definition of worship, or is worshiping God more than merely singing? In this episode, Erin opens the Scriptures to determine the meaning of true worship.

Erin isn't church shopping, but she has been visiting other churches to observe their style of worship. Listen in as she describes what almost brought her to tears during one of these excursions, and open the Bible with her as she examines this church's teaching and holds it to the only true standard, God's Word.