Employ Wisdom Wisely

Wisdom knows when to speak from a sincere heart, and when to remain silent due to a fiery heart. Words sting. They wound and maim. They can incapacitate. Words can be extremely violent, even when expressed in spiritual language.

More Than a Pansy

What do we do when God says, "Flourish" and we say, "Wait, what? I can't do that here, Lord!"? What do we do when contentment is hard because, at the end of it all, we simply don't like where we are or what is happening?

The True Vine

Those who identify with Christ are the branches, but according to Jesus, there are two types of branches: those that are alive and bearing fruit and those that are dead and fruitless.  What kind of branch are you?

The Door

Jesus is not a revolving door. All that the Father gives to Him will come to Him (John 6:37) and no one can snatch Christ’s people out of His hand (John 10:28-30). 

The Great I Am

Jesus Christ is eternal; He has always existed. His words in John 8:58 demonstrate this clearly as He identifies Himself as the great I AM of the Old Testament.

A Closer Look

Anyone who has ever visited The Cheesecake Factory knows what a delight to the eyes their display case can be. Have you ever leaned in for a closer look at these goodies? What about when it comes to spiritual things? Do you desire to look more closely at Christ?

To Those Who Crave Controversy

If we act in a wrong spirit, we shall bring little glory to God, do little good to our fellow creatures, and procure neither honor nor comfort to ourselves. If you can be content with showing your wit, and gaining the laugh on your side, you have an easy task; but I hope you have a far nobler aim, and that, sensible of the solemn importance of gospel truths, and the compassion due to the souls of men, you would rather be a means of removing prejudices in a single instance, than obtain the empty applause of thousands.

Zeal ≠ Discernment

There is a way to speak truth with grace, kindness, gentleness, and compassion. After all, the Jews did not marvel at the way in which Christ spoke (cf. John 7:46) due to His witty sarcasm and wiseacre attitude. To be sure, there are times when strong words, a blunt tone, and an unwavering countenance are required, but we must be mindful that our words do not become too salty, such that they move beyond purifying to simply destroying that which they touch.

Charles Spurgeon on the New Year

Hope springs up at the first sound of such words as these from the lips of our risen and reigning Lord: "Behold, I make all things new." It is fit that things so outworn and defiled should be laid aside, and better things fill their places.